GENERAL PRICING IS $75.00 an hour, or $1.25 per minute for prorated projects

SPEC SHEETS: $30 each style front and back in simple black and white, or $40 each for color and a swatch scanned into the program. We use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS5.

WORKING PATTERN: $75 per hour and generally a 2 hour minimum. There are exceptions such as drafting a headband. For exceptions, the rate is hourly $1.25 per minute no minimum.

SAMPLES: $75 per hour and most samples take at least 2.5 hours to complete (with exceptions). More complex pieces can take up to 15 hours, and hand done couture-esque pieces can reach hours of 25-40. This is a rare case and usually only pertains to wedding dresses or extravagant gowns. All subsequent samples are priced the same. We always recommend a dummy mock up to begin, which will eliminate costly issues down the road. We can supply fabric for the mock up free of charge, but take note that the sample fabric is not attractive, and it is used for fitting purposes only. Refer to our "services" section for a list of sample types and their descriptions.

OAKTAG PATTERNS: Flat rate $30 unless the design is complex. Once the sample is approved by the client, the working pattern is transferred to oaktag, labeled and hole punched. Pattern cards are an additional $20.

 GRADING: $10 per piece per style per size. We grade by hand AND can digitize your patterns as well. Digitized patterns are an additional charge at the $1.25 per minute rate, and are done after the pieces have been graded. We recommend shopping around for graders, as there are many with lower prices. The downside to that is, most will not transfer to OAKTAG for you, and will only supply a nest. You will then need to cut the oaktag patterns yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. Here is a grading price example; let’s say you have a bikini pattern with 12 pieces. The pattern is a size MEDIUM and is already in OAKTAG. You would like your sizes to be XS S M L XL. But since you already have the size M ready to go, we just need sizes XS S L XL. 12 pieces each bikini x $10 = $120 per grade. There are 4 grades, $120 x 4 = $480. All our graded patterns come with the graded patterns transferred to oaktag, labeled, punched and hung on a special hanger with pattern card. Yes we are pricey, because everything is done by hand and double checked. We have some resources for you to shop around!

TECH PACKS: Start at $200 per unit and depend on the complexity of your line. Tech packs include, line sheets, flat drawings, grading charts, swatch pages, detailed construction sheets, technical drawings with tag placements, graphic placements and more. You should ask what your manufacturer requires before getting a tech pack so that you can tailor it to your needs.


PRODUCTION: Our productions include cut & sew, and the layout and spreading of fabric. You are responsible to supply your own fabrics and trims, although we can source for you. See our sourcing prices. Production costs are generally 3-5 times less than your sample costs, but of course your minimum order will determine price as well. Lower minimum means higher unit price. Anything under a run of 30 and you are paying sample prices per unit. There are exceptions as well and we can work with people in many cases. If your sample prices were low to begin with then there isn’t much room for negotiation. Here is a production example; let’s say your sample price on a bikini was $200. You can expect your run of 50, to be about $50 to $66 per unit (depending on complexity). The higher your run goes up the lower your price will go. You can get your production run to as low as $10-$15 per piece. We are flexible as well.


RUSH CHARGE: 25% on top of entire invoice. If you’d like your project to be put on a rush order, meaning that we put it first in line and continue on it until completion, there is 25% charge placed on the order. If your invoice order is $1800, and we put you on a timeline of 45 -60 days completion, you can pay an additional $450 rush fee and we can get it done in 5 – 14 days depending on the project.



Although we recommend going to a dedicated screen print shop for your production screen printing, we are able to print samples for a visual reference of your completed projects. You do save money going elsewhere, but most print shops won’t work with only one sample. Shop around to find what suits your needs best. All prices are subject to change at helvete|ca’s discretion and are dependent upon complexity of project.



DESIGN FEE: Per design $40 per hour This is to set up you art work in Illustrator to be printed to transparencies, which are then used to burn your screen. The design fee is $40 per hour, but generally won’t take longer than an hour since we can only do one color runs.


SCREEN SET UP FEE: Per design $50 This is to get your screen ready for a test print for your samples. A lot of work goes into set up. We transfer your work to a transparency, then get a screen ready for burn with emulsion. After the screen is burned we need to test it. It is then taped off and ready to be printed.


SCREEN PRINT: $3 each no minimum although if a higher run is required, we can’t promise consistency across the entire run. We are better at just sampling, and we can outsource your printing once your sample is approved for better prices and higher quality.